App Review: Rec. (screen recorder)


So way back in Android 4.1(Jellybean) users were trilled to finally be able to take still images of their device’s current screen(home screen, games, video, etc), or simply put; take a screen shot. So since then users have been wanting to go a step further by recording the action done on the screen and making […]

The Amazon Fire Phone: what’s the big deal?


Yeah so yesterday Amazon held a press conference in which it unveiled it’s “Amazon fire phone” apparently so named after it’s line of kindle ‘fire’ tablets. So what does this hot new ‘fire’ phone have that we should be interested in? Let’s talk some features, specs, availability and pricing. 1. Dynamic Perspective: 3D reborn? This […]

App review-Droidpack


When a flagship device is released, phone or tablet, they often come with some pretty good wallpapers. But they are usually exclusive to that device or devices in that particular line. But for those wallpaper enthusiast or those searching for a great set of wallpapers to choose from this app is for you. Interface The […]

IPad Apps That Influence Your Kid for Outdoor Games

ipad apps for kids

One of the best parts about summers is that we get more time to spend outdoors. Northeast people generally crave for summers. They enjoy the increase in temperature as they get some more time to play and to enjoy the sun. Well but the trend that is going these days is children do not like […]

Mobile Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2014

2014 is a remarkable year for mobile device and their numbers will increase more than desktops globally. This means that mobiles will be the first device of choice for most people. To follow this progress closely you must check some trends that are emerging in 2014: Innovative Wearable Technology As technology is evolving, wearable tech […]

Is It Critical To Optimize Facebook and Twitter Account

Having a social media account is the basic necessity for every business these days to remain connected with their clients. Whether you need to promote your products, want to share your images with your clients or want to make a buzz in the social media market it is very important for you to have a […]

Five Free VPN Services You Should Check Out


Virtual private networks were conceived to connect computers in different geographic locations as if they were part of one same local network. They rely on encryption, tunnel protocols and masking mechanisms to fulfill their purpose in a reliable and secure fashion. These same attributes which are indispensable to create safe networks through the internet have […]

Use Applications and Become a Great iPhone App Developer


If you are a simple iPhone user but you wish to develop your own iPhone app then this article is especially for you. Everybody can become an iPhone app developer. Are you finding it strange? But this is actually true. Here in this blog we will discuss about some apps that will help you in […]

Top 10 Android Games You Should Have On Your Android Phone

Hundreds of great android games arrive in the Play Store every day. Some are from big name gaming studios; others are from small indie developers. Here is our list of some of the best free android games. Check it out and download a few of them. This infographic will present the best Android games i […]

Various Uses of Cloud Computing On Smartphones

Cloud computing is a stage of progress where computing infrastructure may be delivered to end user as a service wherever and whenever it is required. In this technology user does not require any software, infrastructure or server to use these. Only internet connection is needed for accessing this service and can be operated from anywhere […]