Infographic: Android OS Vs iPhone OS – Comparison

Android OS Vs iPhone OS

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are operating systems used primarily in mobile technology. If you are choosing between the Android OS and the iPhone OS (iOS), then you should first decide which features and functions are most important to you. This infographic will present the features and functions comparison between Android OS and Apple iOS. […]

Understanding Dedicated Web Hosting

The needs of a large business organization are different from that of a small business. For this reason it is extremely important that before you make a decision on the type of web hosting you are going to chose, first you must understand the very nature and needs of your business organization. Typically there are […]

How Social Media is Encouraging Health and Wellness


Social media is more than a trend. After so many years of being an increasingly important part of our lives, it has proven to be a powerful tool for improving the way people live, learn, and get to know one another — and even stay healthy. From the information people share via social media and […]

The Official Google Smart Watch

Not too long ago I posted the leaked specifications of the upcoming Smart watch by Google, well it’s now official. Tuesday of last week Google introduced android wear, which is Google’s own Android operating system but made to run on smart watches according to the blog post by Google, Android wear is “a project that […]

Content and Plagiarism: Things That SEO Experts Should Keep Apart


The instrumentality of content to the practice of SEO has been stressed upon since the day of development of search engines. Everything in the cyber environment has experienced a transformation, except the fact that content has always remained overrated. It took a while for the optimizers to digest this point, but following a few good […]

Cloud Technology- A Necessity than Just a Service

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology, its inception, growth, popularity and becoming an integral part of our lives, have all seemed to occur with a rapid pace. Today, very few industries are left that are either unaware or have not yet resorted to it. If we start numbering the reasons why this particular technology is flourishing so much, it […]

Cloud Market Will Be Worth $121 Billion By Next Year

The Cloud Industry

A recent report from market research firm Markets and Markets reveals that the cloud market is expected to grow to $121 billion dollars by 2015: a 26% compound annual growth rate from the $37 billion value in 2010. A large proportion of the growth of the cloud services sector is being driven by rapid adoption […]

Four Fabulous Apps For The Cornhole Addict

If you count playing cornhole as an obsession, you aren’t alone. It’s almost impossible not to love cornhole. With its simple premise and ease of play it offers hours of enjoyment for the young and old. It’s hard to imagine a tailgate or backyard barbeque without it. But what about those days that rain or […]

Four Ways to Correct High Speed Internet Service Issues

internet service

Since technology has been a manmade endeavor for over 6 decades now, issues can cause an agitating temporal stasis to web browsing; during an important business collaboration project or chat, this may cost your company business partnerships, or cost you an opportunity to get a job, period.  Before judging your rural internet service as terrible […]

Risk Free Traditional Guest Blogging


Blogging has been taking a lot of heat lately as it went from a noble way of getting links to becoming a new way for scammers to game the system. Because of the rise in popularity of guest blogging blog owners were getting links to low quality websites and/or paying for SEO’s to get them […]