Google updates Chrome for Android

We’ve all been complaining about Chrome for Android lack of speed and bad scrolling among other things, however Google says it has updated its Chrome browser for Android so that we can view all of our favorite web pages “with even more speed and ease.”

The latest version which is available right now on Google Play store (in the US for the moment, spreading worldwide in the next 24 hours) promises snappier interactions within web pages in the browser.

Osei Fortune

Osei Fortune is the Ceo and Founder of Fitcom , a tech junkie , pc and mobile tech always had an interest in video games since the days of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) . Shortly after finishing school in 2008 built his first pc and one night while searching google came across an article about creating a website and since then its always been about TECH . When he's not doing any tech related activities he spends time playing video games,watching movies, sight-seeing and just enjoying life.