Best Stock Market Apps For Android Devices

Who don’t want to earn more money? There are lots of ways to earn money and these days it’s all about becoming more productive. Once you’ve developed a healthier bank account then the most popular and best way to earn money is by investing in stocks i.e. buying and selling stocks.

As you own a smartphone now and probably an android smartphone so you must be looking for some app that let you keep an eye on stock market so that you can know which is going up and which is going down and plan accordingly.

Keeping an eye on stock market is very important because it can move up or move down within a fraction of minutes and no one wants to miss important chances.

So here I’m with a review and short list of best stock apps for android smartphones. If you own an android tablet instead of smartphone then also you can use these apps as they are compatible with tablets as well. So look ahead for the list below.

Google Finance

Google Finance

When it comes to internet then everyone knows that no other app is better than that from official Google. Google has developed one app which let you keep your eye on all finance sides i.e. stocks.



As this app is from Google so I was expecting UI to extremely elegant and simple and found it as thought. So download and install this free app on your android device and get all the live stock updates.







Stock Watcher

Stock Watcher


Stock Watcher is a greenish looking app that let you know all about your favorite or invested stock on your smartphone.



This app also let you read all stuff headed with financial news label via RSS and you can even search over Twitter. All stock values are shown in pie charts and tables too.






Stocks – Realtime Stock Quotes

Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes

This app has got all the stock watching features and supports live updates too. It provides lots of features which are not provided even by Google Finance.



The best part is that you can sync data with Google Finance app. So a perfect stock app for android device whether it is a smartphone or tablet.







Stock Quote

Stock Quote

Another best app which shows you current live updates from stock market and it even shows news and stuff being published on financial magazines and portals.



This app is preloaded with stock, portfolio, currency and commodity widgets. So another perfect app for stock and all finance related live updates.







Money18 Real-time Stock Quote

Money18 Real-time Stock Quote

Money18 is a great source for getting stock updates and I found it on GooglePlay too. The app looked elegant and working fine with my Wi-Fi and cellular data connection.











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