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All throughout the years, mobile phone manufacturers have been spending efforts in enhancing the speed, capabilities, design and other components of their inventions. Due to this, you will find a lot of smarphones on the market that come with pretty impressive features and applications. Out of all these, what stands out in the world of gadgets is the Sony Xperia Z. The Sony Xperia Z is a tough and high end phone that comes with a 1.5 GHz processor and remarkable 13 megapixels camera. This is definitely one of the best handsets that are worth looking for most especially if you are in search of a shatter, dust and water proof phone that will aid you in your personal and business needs. With this smartphone, you may enjoy tons of cool features as well as free applications that can make your experience more wonderful.


The remarkable Sony Xperia Z.

*The Sony Xperia Z *
The Sony Xperia is surely a great phone to own with its unique features that can make you want to buy it right away. Its super powerful processor makes browsing and simple usage extra smooth. There are no lags and delays making switching from one application to another very seamless. This 5 inch screen wonder with 1080p of resolution power makes it a very valuable device in this generation.

No doubt, the Sony Xperia is a great phone that makes multitasking a lot better. Plus, you will certainly fall in love with its superb picture quality, durability, fast speed and more. All of these features if combined with free applications from the Android market can truly lead to an ultimate experience. There is actually a vast collection of Sony Xperia Z on the market so it will be worth it to learn some of the best.


Sony Xperia Z come with pre loaded apps

*Pre-Loaded Free Applications *
The Sony Xperia Z comes with pre loaded applications aside from those that can be downloaded from the Android market. Some of these pre loaded applications include the following:
•    Google Play
•    Google Chrome
•    Google Search
•    Google Maps (with latitude and street view)
•    Google Voice Search
•    Google Talk
•    Web browser or WebKit
•    Messenger

All of these free and pre loaded applications on the Sony Xperia Z lets users collect facts and ideas, browse the net, play games and interact with others. These are the essentials that smartphone users of this generation should have in their mobile devices.

*Sony Xperia Z Live Wallpaper *
One of the free applications that you may catch on the Android market is the free live wallpaper. These are especially intended for the Sony Xperia Z and designed with a cool background along with floating particles. Most live wallpapers come with an abstract design that somehow resembles the cosmic space. The design ranges from plain colors to vivid combinations and movements that appear really enchanting. All you need to do is to search the Android market for free live wallpaper application and download it to the device.

Once all set and you wish to use your new wallpaper, follow the following steps:
•    Go to the Home screen
•    Choose Menu > Live Wallpapers
•    Tap Save
Some of the free live wallpapers that you may choose from for the Sony Xperia Z include those with spectrum, galaxy, Z flow design and more. New wallpapers are uploaded to the Android market regularly so it is best to check out for newer designs.


Tons of exciting games for Sony Xperia Z

Free Game Applications
There are a great number of free game applications that is suitable for the Sony Xperia Z. Such game applications match the system requirements of the device and guarantees compatibility. The Android market regularly publishes new games so watch out for the best downloads. Some of the best and free games that you may download for your Sony Xperia Z include the following:
•    Cut the Rope - It is a cute game involving the proper use of strategy and physics skills. Slide your fingers to cut the rope and bring you to the right spot. It is a simple game with high entertainment value.
•    CSR Racing - If you love cars and racing, this game is surely for you. This will bring you to a great racing experience in the virtual world.
•    Sudoku - If you are great in numbers and you are thrilled answering Sudoku puzzles. Why not download a free Sudoku game right on your device?
•    Jewels Mania - Match jewels and they will explode! This is the objective of the game. It involves fast thinking and strategy as well.
•    Wordsplosion - This is the type of game that can enhance vocabulary and can be enjoyed by the entire family.
•    Age of Empire - This game is perfect for you if you are a big fan of adventure and fantasy games.
These are just few of the free game applications that you may download on you Sony Xperia Z. Other than these, you may also choose from Chip Chain, Battle Towers, Postman Adventures and more.


Wide range of free applications

Other Applications Worth Trying
Essentially, the Adroid market is filled with tons of applications that you may enjoy in everyday life. Some of these include communication tools such as Viber than enables users to make free calls and send free messages over the Wi-Fi network. Just register and you will be able to interact with other Viber users all over the world without a single charge.

Moreover, there are also free applications that monitor heart rate such as the Runtastic Heart Rate as well as other apps that can help you track your fitness goals. There are free applications that can deliver sketched images instantly as well as other photo effects.

Overall, there is a free application that suits your every need. All you need is to explore and search the market for new updates. For a better experience, make sure you get your Sony Xperia Z protected with cases that can be purchased from local stores as well as online stores.

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