What Will The Top Tablets Be In 2013?

What Will The Top Tablets Be In 2013

Huge growth in the popularity of tablets is hastening the demise of laptops, although we can expect them to hang on in there until at least the end of the decade before we render them desolate for the last time.

Where technology enthusiasts used to look for the best laptop to own over the coming months, they are now doing the same but with tablet devices instead. We looked at some of the best tablets available, as well as speculating about what we may see in the future, to come up with this list of what the top tablet devices are likely to be this year.

Nexus 7

Nexus 7

If you are after an excellent entry-level product when it comes to a tablet, then the Nexus 7 is one of the better options. The smaller model is great for entertainment purposes, while the larger Nexus 10 is more of a direct competitor to the iPad, and a great buy if you are looking to use your device more for business.

The selling point here is easy – it is made by Google, which means you know you will be getting a quality product that you can trust.

*The New iPad *


Apple have not announced any plans or developments around a potential new iPad model, but it seems unthinkable that they would not release a new one considering all of their rivals are fighting tooth and nail to catch up with them.

Retina screens were the last big development, and it remains to be seen what the big point of difference will be on any new product. That said, Apple could decide to release the latest iPad with one extra application, and people would still flock to the stores to buy it.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD

While many people predicted that this wouldn’t perform very well, or would be too close a relation to the Nexus, the opposite has been true on both counts.

This tablet is comfortably the second most popular device after the iPad, and its unique interface, despite its similarities to the Google model, has seen it become universally popular.

The one question mark may be whether Amazon have enough up their sleeves to keep innovating to the degree that Google and Apple inevitably will, but for now they have proven that they can deliver a top class product after the poorly received original Kindle.

Windows Surface

windows surface

This is the elephant in the room when it comes to any conversation about tablet technology. Have Microsoft missed the boat entirely, or is there an opportunity for them to make a splash with their Surface, which lands somewhere in the middle ground between laptop and tablet, without being something you could call a true hybrid.

The irony is that it is actually a decent enough product, but Windows 8 is not, and the fact that you can’t have the Surface with Windows 7, for example, probably damages its chances. Nevertheless, we think it will see respectable sales throughout the year, although much could depend on how far their rivals push the boat out in terms of further innovation.

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