[Rumor]: The X Phone Project Abandon by Google

The X Phone Project Abandon

Just as excitement was building up that Google, via Motorola, were creating a one-of-a-kind user-focused smartphone dubbed the Google X Phone, reports are emerging that the Silicon valley internet giant may have abandoned the project according to Sun Chang Xu, a Chinese technology analyst.  The rumor that Google may have given up on X Phone come just a few days after pictures of the alleged Motorola phone did rounds on the internet and months after the first rumors about the phone rumored to come in more than 20 colors circulated.

According to GSMInsider, release date of X Phone now pushed back to August of this year from the earlier rumored date of May 15th or thereabouts during the Google 2013 I/O conference.  The various Motorola smartphones that have leaked online had strengthened indications that the company could be working on more than one device but what captured  many enthusiasts and Android fans  attention is the uniquely designed X Fon whose images appeared on @evleaks.

Sun Chang Xu says that Google decided not to pursue development of the X Phone and instead turned the project in its entirety to Motorola to develop it.  The reason: Google does not have the technology nor the innovation to develop the phone.

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If this is  true, it comes as a big surprise considering that Google’s Larry Page is on record hinting that the company was working on a flagship device that emphasized on durability with an unbreakable screen and a much improved battery life compared to most devices in the market.  Just last month, Page said “Having just seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself, I’m real excited about the potential there. In just under a year, they have accomplished a lot, and have impressive velocity and execution.”

All said, it is very unlikely that Google would abandon a project they invested so much in, especially at such a stage when all rumors show that a May release is imminent.  Another crucial factor is that Motorola, the company that is building the X Phone, owned by Google, therefore there is very little chance that disagreements could have caused Google to back off.

The Chinese Technology Analyst who first broke the news is a reputed analyst with over 18 years’ experience in the field and actually has over a million followers on Weibo (Chinese Twitter), the source therefore bears some credibility.

Many of us eagerly anticipated that Google and Motorola would bring something entirely new to the smart phone arena next week during the Google I/O and we’re still holding on to previous hopes that even if it does not happen next week, the X Phone will find its way to the market and bring something that will trigger innovation wars among smart phone manufacturers.  For now, we just wait and see what other rumors or news come up.
Source: GSMInsider


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