10 Of The Best Apps For Construction Projects

10 Of The Best Apps For Construction Projects

Technology is creeping into construction industry with a lot of the emphasis shifting from the traditional desktop software towards slick and light mobile apps. And with a number of cheap and free apps on the market today, their uses are only limited by imagination. If you need to calculate cost, there is an app for that. If you need to convert standard and the metric units, there is also an app for that. Here are some of the best construction apps.

1. BuildCalc

This is probably the best construction app available. Essentially the calculator for iPhone, more time has been consumed fine tuning for construction tasks. There isn more head scratching or fishing out old textbooks to recall the equations needed for hip roof calcs. It has the button for this with the required data self-calculating when you have input basic parameters.

2. Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator calculates quantities of concrete as well as rebar needed for any concrete-pad project. Also, it calculates the cost of materials and allows a contractor to instantly email the estimates to his clients or colleagues.

3. Aconex Mobile

This is a useful app that enables contractors to access and capture important project information on-site. The contractors can employ this app to share videos, images and, project documents, send marked up documents to other project team members, and store records for offline access.

*4. Construction Master Pro

This construction app is an award-winning advanced calculator with very strong built-in solutions great for completing plans, layouts, bids and estimates. Calculate roofs stairs, circles among others. Works in and converts between the feet-inches-fractions and decimals, encompassing metric. You can use it in the field to reduce costs, prevent re-work, save time, and maximize profits. It is available for both iOS and Android phones.

5. Control Center 7

This is a handy app for construction site. It allows supervisors to monitor the progress of their workers offsite. It enables contractors who have installed fixed cameras and Control Center 7 robotic upload snapshots to colleagues, review videos and operate cameras remotely. It works with Android, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.


This app is a versatile calculator for contractors. It allows for calculation using the standard units of volume and length. It also offers more advanced calculators for materials as well as other jobsite requirements. The app's drywall calculator will aid contractor determine how many drywall boards will be required, along with the number of nails and screws. This app works with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

7. BIMx

BIMx is an interactive 3D presentation tool that enables all stakeholders in the project to access the building model, without requiring specialized BIM skills. This app is a major relief for contractors and architects. It enables the architect and contractor to collaborate on the design concept. It works on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Android.

8. Estimate ALL PRO

This app works on any Android phone with OS 1.5.The app allows contractors to generate a number of estimates on the fly. The user enters an item description, cost per unit and the app calculates the cost of executing the work. The estimates can be sent to clients via email or saved for later use.

9. Buzz saw

This app enables project team members to get access to floor plans on their handsets. With the ability to pull project documents and communicate with office workers from anywhere, the workflow procedure is streamlined. In addition, problems can easily be addressed before they become issues in construction site.

10. PlanGrid

This app allows contractors to store their project plans and forward them to workers' devices. It works with PDF files only, but the processes of uploading and downloading are easy. It works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Working in a construction site is stressful. Contractors have to supervise their employees, manage earthmoving equipment, and keep in touch with their clients on a daily basis. The above apps will help increase productivity and all that reduce stress.

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