How can you protect your Android device effectively?

How can you protect your Android device effectively

Android has dominated the market of smartphones and tablets. Every day one million brand-new devices with Android is run for the first time. The number of apps available for Android devices exceeds 700 million in the Google Play alone. It is a fact that Android gives us possibilities of optimizing our device to our needs and using it to enhance practically every aspect of our lives. As a result, most Android devices are mines of the most sensitive personal information and data. Therefore, we should think about how to protect our devices to prevent really bad things from happening. In this article, you will discover 2 essential ways in which you can protect your Android device and data stored on it.

Always use screen lock
May people argue that they do not need to use screen lock because they have nothing to hide. The fact is that they do not realize how much important information and data is stored on their phones. Apart from SMS/MMS (whose number is practically unlimited), photos, music, documents, e-books, contacts, may people also store financial information or have Facebook/Twitter and what-not accounts set up on their phones. Do we really want a random (or, worse, a thief) person to have access to all of these information?

You can very easily limit access to your device by using screen lock. To set it up, go to Settings > Security and choose Screen lock. Depending on the device, you can use Face Unlock, Pattern or PIN. Out of these three, PIN is the best because Face Unlock very often fails to recognize the right user and in the case of Pattern the pattern itself tends to remain on the screen (until we manually wipe it). If you don't want to enter PIN every time you unlock the phone, you can use the option of Locking phone after a certain amount of time e.g. 5 minutes.

Use some security app to remotely control your device in case it's lost or stolen
Apart from using screen lock, you can also use one of many security apps which will let you remotely control your device and protect data on it. Look Out is probably the best known app of this type. First, it allows you to protect your device from any kind of malicious software (viruses, spyware and so on). Second, the app also offers a range of features in case you lose your device or have it stolen. Thanks to Look Out, you will be able to locate your device (using GPS) and find it on a Google map, remotely wipe all the data from it, lock it or even take a shot (and send it via e-mail) of the person who tries to unlock it. Moreover, the app also lets you back up your contacts, pictures, call history and restore it any time to any device.

Obviously there are many other additional ways of protecting our Android device, but these two are absolutely essential if we want to sleep peacefully and do not worry about our data. If we neglect them, we may put at risk our privacy and privacy of our family and friends. These two methods are extremely easy to implement and their benefits are really significant.

Article written by Olga - She's the owner of a small site about Android where she shares many tips and tricks for Android and talks about Android apps and games.


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