Will 12MP Camera Loaded iPhone 5S impact Giant Camera Manufacturers?

Will 12MP Camera Loaded iPhone 5S impact

Apple is consistently upgrading its camera device and the improvement is significantly referential. The evolution of Apple's camera tool is seeding a new breed of Mobile Photographers across the world. Photo storage websites FLICKR are flooding with the pictures clicked by amateur photographers. The camera applications like Camera + have also came in focus range.

There are trending speculations that the upcoming devices will harm the market share of giant manufacturing companies like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and Olympus. It can be true because iOS cameras have revamped the Photography market worldwide. Now, people click more pictures than before. iPhone is one among the top five cameras in Flickr list. So, we should try to elaborate other aspects that relates with this issue.

The iPhone App Market

Since the date, Apple has released its first iPhone device. The camera assisting applications came in existence. If you are an iPhone user then you will surely have used the renowned Camera+ app, which improves the camera experience in iPhone devices. In this way, the improved camera of iPhone 5S will give the boost to this business trend. More iOS Developers India will devote themselves for creating camera dedicated iPhone applications. In a way, they will be earning money by selling paid applications but in other way, they will also be making business opportunities for Apple. So, Apple is trying hard to increase its camera performance in upcoming devices. So, there are possibilities that iPhone 5S will have a fully loaded 12 MP camera.

iCloud & Cloud Storage Services

It is also true that the iPhone has given a strong boost to cloud services. Now, iPhone users can easily store their data on icloud and use in in iOS corresponding devices. There is one more trend, which is noticeable. The iPhone users will also be able to use other cloud storage services after extracting pictures from their iOS corresponding devices. So, it will surely increase the market share of cloud storage services providing companies. Amateur photographers will be interested in investing in iPhone instead of purchasing a digital camera because iPhone will solve some other purposes. Moreover, holding an iPhone is a style statement so the young photographers will certainly try to grab their hands on this device.

Business Opportunities for Poster Printers

As the population of amateur photographers will increase so the business opportunities for poster printers will increase accordingly. iPhone users will be able to click large size images, which will birth the need of poster printers in masses.

In short, we can coin few facts by reading previously mentioned factors that the 12MP camera will surely bring a new revolution in camera world. Common SmartPhone users will have the handy devices to record the beautiful moments of their lives in large size pictures. There will be a flood in Offshore Mobile development trend because more companies will plunge into the ocean of iOS App Store. But, somewhere Apple will be stealing some customers from iconic digital camera making companies, which are trying to target masses with their cheap digital cameras.


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