Six iPhone Apps For Job Hunting

Six iPhone Apps For Job Hunting

If you are looking for a new position then you are part of a massive group of other people, all of whom are soliciting recruitment agencies and job centers in a search for work. Any advantage you can muster for your job search is going to help you out. Here are six apps that will help you sift through the jobs listed online, and then give you a little help in securing the job you desire.

1 - Job Search App

This app gives you the chance to search through thousands and thousands of job listings. You can find your listings from multiple sources and filter your job search so that you do not have to look through irrelevant listings all the time.

This app is good because it allows you to search for a job three or four times per day. Just checking the adverts once per week is pointless. Check them every day (more than once) if you want to find employment quicker, because the best positions will go quickly.

2 - LinkUp

This is a job search app with a very clean interface that is very simple to use. It is easier on the eyes than Angelina Jolie and smoother than Brad Pitt. Start by searching for opportunities in your location, and then try the advanced options to really dig out the good ones.

You are going to find job hunting boring after a week or two, so anything that makes the process a little easier and quicker is going to help. This app is the pinnacle of doing things the easy way, and the interface is so intuitive that repeated use will not bother you.

3 - Interview Skills

This app is actually pretty crappy, but it gets a mention because the videos on it are good. Download it for free, watch the videos and then delete it from your phone. Other than the videos, it is just another way of Barclays marketing themselves to you.

The videos will actually give you another angle on your interviews. Too few people consider their interview skills carefully enough, and if this app makes you think about your skills (even a little) then it is worth the trouble of downloading it.

4 - Jobcentreplus

The job centre has their touch screen devices in the job centre itself, covered with pie crumbs and curry sauce. They also have their website that is probably the most unusable in Britain, and now they have the app. It allows you to search through vacancies on your phone.

You can search Europe’s largest job database (so they claim) to find the job you really want. A lot of postings on the job centre are from companies that have to show they looked for other employees, even though they have picked who they want already. Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to look through the jobs to see if there is any that you fancy.

5 - Pocket CV

This app gives you a number of different categories that you need to populate with your data. It then uses what you have written to help you construct a better CV. You can copy and paste stuff from your current CV if you like. The interface is quite good looking--as are the CVs it produces.

You should always be looking for a way to improve your CV and this could be it. You can use it to create a different and personalised CV for every job you apply for. This will give you an edge over the competition.

Lebreton Recruitment published an article on traditional CV writing but the same advice would apply to a digital verion, they advise that -

It is important to tailor your CV to the job requirements; this means you will need to adapt your CV to each job you apply for rather than use a generic CV.

Pro tip - The same is equally relevant when using an app!

6 - LinkedIn

With the other apps to help you find jobs, and an app to improve your CV and interview skills, it seems only fair that the LinkedIn be mentioned. This app can help you find employment by putting you one step ahead of the competition. The app allows you to do most of the functions you will find on the LinkedIn desktop website.

You can research which companies have recruitment needs and which have staff who are about to leave the company. You can get the inside scoop on all the details you need to improve your chances with a certain company.


The apps are just a stopgap measure for when you are away from your desktop computer. Do not come to rely on them too much, as recruitment agencies are more likely to find you employment than a few apps are. Do not overlook the traditional methods. Instead, trust in the traditional methods and use apps to reinforce your efforts.

Ross Davies enjoys blogging about job hunting and employment. He lives and works in Bolton in the UK and lives with his wife, two children and his Siamese cats.

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