Be A Novice Computer Repair Technician Instantly

Be A Novice Computer Repair Technician Instantly

When in doubt, call a specialist, which is what normal people do. But is that always the right thing to do? For example, if your computer breaks down, do you immediately call in a computer repair technician to fix it for you? Or could you do some tinkering first and try to save your computer by your lonesome? The answer people, is a big yes. Sometimes a computer technician isn’t exactly what you need. Sometimes what you need is a screwdriver and a steady hand.

There is always that option to call the IT guy and have your computer repaired instantly if you have $350 to pay up front. But what they do, which you probably still don’t know, is simple enough that with a few tutorials online you can be as proficient in computer repair as that IT guy. We are not stating here that you will become an expert, we are only saying that most of the time, those terrible problems you think you have with your computer, are just simple problems with simple solutions.

The trick here is to know what needs expert help and what you can do on your own. If the problem is too extreme for your natural skills to fix, well then call up the technician, but if it’s something as mundane as your video card not functioning properly, needless to say you can fix it by yourself. Identify what is the problem and you can find simple solutions for it, this is what you should always remember.

Take for example, if your computer shows only a blinking screen, you have power in your computer tower and your monitor screen also powers up, the only problem is there is no signal between the CPU towards the monitor. Easy enough the problem might be that your monitor adaptor isn’t tucked in tight. If that doesn’t work, try opening the tower case and remove and replace the video card. This simple steps most of the time will fix your blinking monitor problem, call up a technician and this are the steps they will probably do as well, and you will pay them $300 for that?

The problem with the common average Joe is that, whenever they encounter any problem with their computer, they panic and get crazy. But sometimes being coolheaded can save you a lot of money. If you have a computer most probably you have a Smartphone. Use technology to your advantage and not the other way around. Use your Smartphone and search for a solution to your PC problem. If it can’t be solved using the internet then that is the time that you call in expert help. Common sense is a great ally if you can employ its use.

Osei Fortune

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