Remote-driven Photography With The Canon EOS 6D Digital Camera

Remote-driven Photography With The Canon EOS 6D Digital Camera

The Canon EOS 6D is packed with features and is considered to be one of the most fairly priced cameras when taking into account the quality images it can produce. It offers 20.2 megapixels with a full-frame sensor. Situated between below the EOS 7D in the pecking order and above the EOS 60D it has a number of brand new features to complement existing ones.

This model is one of the smallest full-frame cameras on the market, offering low light focusing and an 11-point auto-focus system. It also benefits from the inclusion of a built-in GPS for location tagging purposes, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is the first DSLR with this function built in, setting it apart from its current competitors. It is also has a reduced size and weight making it the ideal camera to travel with.

The Wi-Fi function offers you the opportunity to use the camera in ways that have not always been possible. You can connect and control your EOS 6D with a PC, Mac or Smartphone and also share photos with other devices to name but a few new ways in which you can use your camera.

One of the most popular ways in which people make use of this feature is remote photography, where the shutter is triggered via a Wi-Fi enabled device. A number of unique benefits become apparent when using this feature of the 6D.

Self-portraits and group photos will probably be the main reasons people would use this feature, but many other exciting possibilities exist. A remote control is required to practice this kind of photography, but most Smartphone’s can act as such with the use of various apps and bearing in mind that new apps are being created on an almost daily basis.

This particular function is especially useful to night time photographers and for long exposure photography. For long exposure photography the uses are obvious, as it provides you with the option to set up a tripod for the shot and trigger the shutter via remote, thus avoiding any camera movement whatsoever.

Maintaining alignment and stability during this type of shot is critical, as any movement can result in a blurry or less-than-perfect image, meaning you have to redo the shot and avoiding this situation is advised. It also makes it easier to practice this type of photography, as triggering shots via remote control means less effort on your part, while also allowing you to step away from the viewfinder to take in your surroundings from all angles.

Stepping away gives you the chance to think of different ways of composing a shot, which is of great benefit to your art. It is also the ideal tool to use when considering setting up a home studio, as you will require little more than your EOS 6D, the accompanying software and a Smartphone to set you on your way.

The Canon EOS 6D’s remote control functionality will allow you to explore many new photographic possibilities while experiencing new ways in which to use a camera.

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