New 5 Apps You Might Want To Know This Summer

New 5 Apps You Might Want To Know This Summer

There are a lot of applications you can use on your mobile devices this summer. These applications range from those of business, to social applications for interactions and also those specifically developed to make your life funnier. Here is a list of new five applications you might want to know this summer.

  1. Buycott application

This is an application that provides a platform for its users to make informed decisions before purchasing different commodities. While using this application, you can scan a product and be able to get information about the producers and owners of that product. This application allows its users to join its campaign and helping add more products which the database does not recognize. Buycott can be downloaded by both Android and iPhone users. It is available both on iPhone and Google stores.

  1. Bing Translator

This application offers a platform for translating diverse languages. The translation occurs both through voice and text. The most interesting feature is that you can have a text translated by just pointing your camera on a text and then choosing the language. Translations also appear on your device's screen when you speak or type a phrase. Working offline is also possible if you download languages on your devices. The only feature of translating that cannot work while offline is the voice translator.

  1. Vyclone

This application allows one to combine different videos, shot by different people, to form a master video. Whether you attend a party or a wedding show, you can combine all the clips using your phone and watch a continuous video. This application allows you to shoot a video if even if you do not have skills needed in video editing or even the editing software.

  1. Zinzzchat

This is a new social application that allows interaction between close friends and relatives. Path limits the connections to not more than 150. This ensures that intimacy between you and your community is always held. You can share photos, music, videos, places, movies, workouts and books.

The community can smile, frown, laugh, gasp, comment or laugh on whatever your share. You can also share this application to other social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. It also allows you to chat privately with a single person or groups using words, your location, your voice, stickers, photos and music. Path is available both on the iTunes and Google play.

  1. Pheed

This is a social network platform that allows you to share digital contents like texts, videos, voice and audio-notes and photos through your phone. You can also make money by selling your images or even set up a monthly subscription where the users of your content will have to pay. Pheed is available on the Google Play, iTunes and the Web.

A combination of these applications will be great for you this summer. If you need an application to help decide on what to purchase, then you have Buycott. If you need social media applications, then path and pheed should be your pick. Learning new languages is made easy if you have bing translator.

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