7 Link Building Practices It's Time To Forget

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If there’s a hotter hot potato in search today than link building, someone seriously needs to tell me what it is. Despite the recent Google Penguin update having another massive impact, some people persist in following old link building methods and ideas that it is time to let go.

In truth, it was probably time to let them go years ago, rather than on the back of what Google has decided to throw at the industry in 2013.

Here are seven link-building practices it’s time to forget about.

Targeting Quantity over Quality

Ten high quality links are better than 100 low quality ones. Spend your time researching the best sites to link from and producing content to feature as guest posts, not writing hundreds of articles for low quality links.

Submitting the Same Article in BulkArticle

If the duplicate content Google police don’t pick you up for this, you can be sure the low quality link police will do. Yes, yes, we know that content is king and you probably only did this to satisfy that very mantra, but it’s time to stop. Quality content is king, not indiscriminate content that is all the same.

Article Spinning

We move fittingly onto this point, which is really just as bad, albeit not quite the same thing. If you’re writing the same article five or even ten times, but differently, and submitting it to article sites, guest blogging sites, or approaching bloggers directly, this has to stop.

You can still use one article as the base for several pieces, but take completely different approaches in terms of opinion and style of writing; don’t just change the words and move happily on.

Emailing for Guest Post Opportunities

Blogger outreach is still an opportunity, but the way to do it is by building a relationship with the blogger rather than by just sending them an email out of the blue asking to post on their site. We’ll excuse you if you still approach sites that openly ask for guest posts.

Link building is about far more than creating a link for SEO purposes. If you’re not getting any traffic from the links you build, stop building. Instead, focus on creating dynamic, high quality content for your own site that will earn you a truckload of high quality, natural links.

Alternatively, you could shift your focus to high quality citations. One of the Bright Local SEO Tools will help you deliver your objectives in this area.

Being Obsessed With Anchor Text

The way we look at anchor text has changed massively in recent years, and specifically in the last few months. Exact match anchor text is no longer the way to go; the focus is on building natural looking links, which means some anchor text will actually appear to be rather random.

Yes, anchor text matters, but the truth is that your own quality content will earn enough exact match links to see you through.

Having a Press Schedule

While press releases are a great way to earn links, you don’t want to find yourself writing press releases just for the sake of it. Not only will editors start to bin your releases without even reading them, the ones that do make it through the net will earn minimal links and feature on poor quality sites.

Moving Forward With Link Building

Link building is one of the quickest changing building blocks of the wider SEO industry. Keeping up with what is going on, and embracing new trends, whether you agree with them or not, will give you the best opportunity to succeed.

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