Where Technology Meets Insanity: 7 Incredible Helmet Cam Videos

7 Incredible Helmet Cam Videos

Extreme sports have always been about pushing the limits. The riders and participants seem crazy and you very well may be right. Yet, with the advancements in technology, the general public is able to see what it is like to skydive or flip off of a two hundred foot cliff. When you see the footage, you can see where the riders get the rush out of performing such immaculate stunts. Many people get a kick of adrenaline just watching the videos on their computer, let alone imagining the rush and fear that comes along with the actual videos.

Base Jumping


Most people consider base jumping to be off of building and rooftops. While they are right, it is not the base jump ever encountered. Valery Rozov, a Russian extreme sports star and base jumping enthusiast decided to propel himself off of the tallest point of the earth. He jumped over seven thousand, two hundred meters above sea level as he decided to jump from the peak of Mt. Everest.

It is the highest jump anyone is going to be able to perform without boarding a plane and skydiving. The incredible video can be found at the URL above and will give you great views of Mt. Everest as well as his incredible descent.

Backcountry Snowboarding


Snowboarding in the backcountry has its inherent risks. They are unpatrolled and if you get stuck or lost, chances are you are in for a lot of trouble. The positive side is that wherever you decide to drop in, it will be uncharted territory and the snow will be plentiful. It is a snowboarders (and skiers) dream to ride through untouched powder.

While this rider is hiking his way across the top of the mountain, he (luckily) puts his board down beside him which triggers tons (and I mean weight) of snow to go crashing down below him. If he stood another three feet to his right than he would have been caught in it as well. It is a scary situation that no one should have to endure, but the benefits of the untouched snow is worth the risks for many riders.



There are a few people collectively in the world who would have the courage to jump off buildings with a small suit that has flaps for wings. There is no parachute and you must have faith in yourself to fly yourself to the ground. It is a great adrenaline rush, even for those who are simply watching. You can get to high speeds and fly over huge distances, taking in the sights and majestic landscapes.

This video was shot in Norway by Neil Amoson. They created their very own attachment system to not only mount the camera to the helmet, but so that it could be pulled away from the helmet and you can see his face as well.



Skiing is considered an extreme sport, but many don’t see it as such when you are making your way down the bunny slope. It can be pretty easy and almost anyone who has a sense of balance can accomplish that. Then there are the riders who are very experienced, many of them are seen in the X Games and compete for gold. When you really want to see some extreme skiing, consider watching what Matthias Giraud is accomplishing in this video.

Here he is performing a triple back flip off of the side of a 400 foot cliff. In the video you get to see it from his point of view. It takes a lot of skill and technique to be able to perform such a move. He has to fully complete his three rotations and be upright before pulling his parachute and free falling the rest of the way down the face of the cliff.

Biking in RIO


BMX biking is one of the most well known extreme sports events. There are kids who jump on a bike every year and want to be the next BMX star. When you look at this video, you will see the competition and difficulty you have to be able to ride at before you want to consider trying out for the X games. This is a sponsored Red Bull event and you are riding through the slums of RIO.

For those who do not know, they are very tight stairways and can fall off the sides at any point. It takes a boast of confidence and incredible skill to even survive the course, let alone beat everyone else.

United States Military


The armed forces have recently begun wearing helmet and shoulder mounted cameras on some of their soldiers to show people the true aspects of war. You get to see the cities and town that they travel to, and unfortunately, witness some of the dangers that they are bound to encounter. In this video, you are shown a heave firefight between American soldiers and their enemy (Taliban forces).

It is amazing to see the courage and tactics to use to not only protect themselves, but to protect the local civilians while trying to combat enemies. Eventually the American forces do advance and thwart the Taliban forces, minimizing casualties to both themselves and the innocent bystanders.



Just as many people adore and admire the courage and strength of the Armed Forces, many people also respect the job and duties of the firefighters. They have an incredible job at hand, and many of them do it for the love of the community. There are a lot of firefighters that are volunteers alone, and are not paid for the jobs that they accomplish. Considering the dangers and imminent threat of death they face at every call, it only generates more respect and admiration for them.

This video is of a house that has quickly set ablaze in a nearby townhouse. The houses are touching and the fire is quickly getting out of control. Luckily, the firefighters are able to evacuate everyone and get the fire under control quickly. You get to see the firefighters view of the flames and smoke that they have to fight through in order to protect themselves and others.

Bill Keller is a freelance writer who is passionate about shooting videos, technology and video editing. He also writes for Box13 among various other businesses.

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