High Tech Products For Seniors And At Home Senior Care

High Tech Products For Seniors

High Tech Products For Seniors

If you’re looking for a gift idea for your aging parents, consider presenting one of the high tech senior care products. You’ll be surprised at variety of the high-end gadgets developed specially for the seniors’ needs. There are different types of those: PCs, in home and mobile devices, alert bases, etc. In this article I’m going to present an overview of the most exciting, new technologies providing the best senior care. Some of these you can find and order on Parentgiving Inc.

#1 Medication Dispensing Devices

There are several companies producing the top-notch medication managers capable of dispensing up to 40 medications (Philips, for instance). Not only these gadgets impeccably dispense pills at required time, but they also remind seniors to take these meds and alerts their remote caregivers when something goes wrong. Medical dispensing managers are real godsends for those people who live alone, and those who can’t take pills themselves effectively (forget to take or take too much).

#2 Alert Systems

These are very popular today. There is a great choice of alert systems of all shapes and sizes on the market, and they’re rather affordable, I must say. As a rule, they consist of three units: a base, a pendant (or a bracelet) and a mobile device. In case of emergency seniors can contact their remote caregivers or a relevant service (these devices are usually connected to specialized help centers) just by pushing a single button.

#3 PCs for Seniors

We all know that it can be a rather tedious task to teach a senior person use a computer effectively. This is where special, simplified family computers can help you. Their interface is very intuitive and doesn’t require any prior computer experience. All the buttons are rather huge and comprehensive. The latest models have touchscreens. Even though these PCs are very simple, they are rather functional: with their help seniors can receive Skype calls, swap photographs and other media.

#4 Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems use wireless connection to monitor your aging parents daily activity. Usually, they come as a base that is connected to a protected website that gathers and displays information the systems gets from numerous sensors placed all over the elderly person’s home. These systems work out of the box: in case everything goes seamlessly, they’re silent. But when something unusual or suspicious happens they react immediately (send text messages, emails and make phone calls to the specified numbers).

#5 Personal Mobile Assistants

These are very simple but very smart devices. They look like mobile phones but serve as personal assistants. Depending on the model you choose, they can count your steps, stairs, calories eaten and burnt, and even visualise your sleeping patterns. These devices encourage senior people to set and reach goals.

#6 iPhone and Android Apps

Yes, there are many mobile apps that can help tech savvy seniors watch their health. These include cardiographs, tools to check your hearing and vision, water consumption, BMI and other numerous software units. Unfortunately, just a few seniors can effectively use those.

Aleksey is an experienced caregiver popularising top notch technologies in his sphere. He closely cooperates with http://www.parentgiving.com/ - a web resource where you can find the most exhaustive information on caregiving.

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