Jump Around Technology

Jump Around Technology

That mini computer we carry in our pockets gets ever-more ‘all singing and dancing’ thanks in many ways to the number of Apps we can apply to it. As smartphones develop so there are new Apps coming out all the time to make us able to access just about anything you can think of.

Two research agencies reckon we will download somewhere between 56 and 82 billion Apps this year worldwide. Surprisingly Google Apps will account for the biggest percentage 58%, closely followed by Apple with a 33% share. The prediction for downloads is 200 billion per year by 2017. This doesn’t even account for a further 14 billion tablet Apps that are the predicted share for this year.

There is a further word on the matter from research agencies. These figures are predicted on downloads alone. As there is no way for users to trial Apps, they must be downloaded. There are no stats or ways of collecting stats for Apps that are downloaded tried once and then deleted.

Across the board

Meanwhile O2 have launched TU Go which is an App you can use on all your mobile devices.

They’ve tagged it ‘Jump around’ to highlight the fact that no matter which mobile device you are using at any one time, this App will work on it. So if you like to access everything from your smartphone you can use TU Go; if your tablet is your mobile device of choice, guess what, it works there too. Don’t forget you can also use it on your laptop – covered.


But what does it do? Well TU Go is essentially a communication tool. Once downloaded and an account created, you can use it from any device to make calls and send text messages. The person you are calling doesn’t need to have the App.

Currently it’s only available to O2 Pay Monthly customers. Once you’ve downloaded it to your smartphone there is no need to install it. To activate you just need to create an account and the world is your oyster from any of your mobile devices. You can be logged onto five mobile devices at a time!

If this sounds tempting you should be able to download TU Go to an iPhone 5+, an android 4.0.3 + and for laptops using Windows 7. Download the App by logging on using your mobile phone number. You can download the App onto as many devices as you like but you cannot be logged into more than five at any one time. You’re ready to go. You’ll be able to see a record of your communications on your timeline. Just beware you don’t turn into an annoying jumping ginger digital cat-dog!

More reason

In our ever-changing technological world, does this make your mobile devices even more precious? You don’t want to leave them lying around for anyone to pick up and use if your chain of communication is there for anyone with the know-how to see! So treat all your mobile devices with the care they deserve and just make sure you’re covered by phone insurance for emergencies!

By Rob Rudd

Rob Rudd has to keep up with all the latest smart phone technological advances as his 11 year old daughter constantly requests the latest gadgetry. When not writing or refusing requests from his daughter, he relaxes by sea along the south coast of England.

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