Exciting Ways to Personalize your Mobile Phone

Are you the type of person who loves shopping? Do you ever get the feeling of being drawn to countless mall wide sales and feel a great satisfaction whenever you get discounts? Shoes, bags, dress, accessories and gadgets seem to have a hold on you at any time you see it in stalls. For the frequent shopper, discounts and freebies are what likely gives us all the more urge to shop. Getting something for free is always exciting!

This is exactly what you get when you visit Audiko.net. Audiko is one of the many website who offers free ringtone download for your mobile phone. There have been many website offering free ringtones for so many years now, but Audiko differs because it has features that others don’t. Compared to other free ringtone downloads online, Audiko lets you choose from so many music genres. There’s Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, Pop, R & B, Soul, Jazz and even more that you never heard of. Just name it, and surely you would always find the genre that suits you. It doesn’t even end there, because Audiko lets you choose among the most famous artists like Pink, Neyo, Beyonce, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus. For some people, they may find it annoying to hear these songs played as caller ringtones but isn’t it a fun and refreshing way to customize your mobile phone the way you want it to? For business professionals who like it to be more discreet but personalize, there are other sounds downloadable from Audiko’s website that would surely be appropriate for your character and profession as well. It has massive selection of songs for every age group. You will without a doubt be entertained with the latest songs in the top charts and even be updated with the most recent movie soundtracks that made waves in the theater. Some of what the youth will enjoy is Despicable Me 2’s Minion songs. The Banana Song is a cute ringtone that will surely catch your attention once your mobile phone rings. Another adorable one would be Minion’s Fire sound “Bee do bee do bee do”. Isn’t it cute to hear these little naughty ones when you get a text message? I’m sure it will even light up the gloomiest face when they hear your mobile phone ring.

Another great thing about Audiko is that it has an app for both iPhone and Android devices. Just download the app from Google Play store or use Cydia App to fully access Audiko ringtones from your iPhone. From the palm of your hands, you get to browse through their database containing millions of ringtones to choose from. Searching is convenient because you can look through categories by national musical charts, artists and genres as mentioned above. What’s great about this app is that you get to download your preferred ringtone directly to your Smartphone and use the downloaded ringtone to be assigned to each of your contact giving you the power to distinguish who is calling. It gives you the option to setup your SMS alerts and alarm sound as well. You cannot believe how wonderful it is to be able to freely do this in your mobile phone.

All these features that Audiko offers has already make it an exciting way to personalize your mobile phone and yet the fun never ends there. Because with all the great elements that Audiko has to offer, it is so easy to use and it is definitely free. You don’t have to spend a cent to enjoy all these free ringtones. Just create a free account or login using your Facebook or Google account and you are on your way to get these thrilling free ringtones.

Osei Fortune

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