Four Things Everybody Should Consider Before Choosing A Data Center

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The data storage world has seen a variety of innovations in the past few years.  It seems like everybody is eager to use cloud storage for their data needs, and when you know about the benefits of cloud storage you can see why.  Storing your data in a cloud allows you and other authorized people to access data anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.  Even though your cloud data is accessibly almost everywhere, cloud storage is only useful if there's a reputable data center storing all of the information.  If you're thinking of switching to cloud or simply finding a new data storage center, make sure that whatever you choose has these essential qualities.

Data Capacity

Data centers are supposed to be able to support a considerable amount of data, but that doesn't mean that their storage capacities are limitless.   Some centers use multiple OCx and SONET connections that can easily manage large website demands.  Others may use less up-date data storage connections.  Either way, you don't want to find out your storage provider doesn't have adequate space after you signed a contract, so do your best to make sure you know that they can handle your unique storage needs.

Back up power

One of the main reasons why people store their data off-site is to avoid potential problems in case something happens on-site.  Weather events and maintenance can leave you without power very easily, and if you maintain critical systems that simply can't go down for any reason make sure that the data center you're using has some form of backup power to keep their servers running during an emergency.  Remember that only N+1 power grid connectivity (to a secondary electrical source) can help protect against catastrophe.  Back up generators are nice, but if you want true power protection look for an organization to uses N+1 power grid.

Physical Security

Everybody wants their data to be secure, but some people forget that physical security for data is just as important as any other form of IT security.  Make sure that the data center has physical security access controls like authorized logins, keycards, biometric devices, and even something simple like a series of locks. Ideally, there should also be physical security measures to ensure that the servers are physically secure to their data stands.  Nobody should be able to walk in and easily walk away with servers or any other property that the data center has.

*Services *

There are some data center services people consider luxuries, and others that think there are some services that every data center should give their clients.  Some people prefer to use data centers that take over every maintenance need.  They’d handle OS maintenance, security patching, and hardware support so that you wouldn't have to.  You should make sure that you pick a data service center that can perform these duties even if you plan on not using them.  You never know when something will go wrong and the staff will need to perform repairs and patches to keep everything running.

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