How To Connect Your Canon DSLR To Android Phone?

Photography has become the most popular hobby and a busy business. A photographer should plan his photo shoots efficiently and connecting the DSLR camera to a bigger screen like tablet or android phones will help him with best results. The live preview, adjustment in the settings, self timer options etc helps to get shots approved by the clients right away and saves time.

You can also use the camera-mobile connectivity to have best quality images without any shake or disturbance to your camera. View the shots real-time for best images and you can also satisfy your clients with the preview in a bigger screen. You can have all the features of the Canon digital SLR controlled by your android phone with the help of wireless devices. There are so many of such devices available in the market so we should find the right one based on our photographic needs.

Canon DSLR

Initially, photographers attached the camera to the system or laptops to get the instant view but in the present day, it is possible to connect your camera and phone without any computer. There are wireless apps that connect the phone with the camera through USB port. Here, you cannot move the phone as it is also attached to the tripod. This is not of much help, so the wireless remote controls came into the picture which acts as an intermediate port in connecting the phone to your camera.

How to connect?

  1. Buy any wireless remote device that can connect the camera to your android mobile. Choose the one that can connect the camera to any mobile or tablets.
  2. Power on the remote and attach it to the camera. Usually the device has provision to mount it on top of the camera’s hot shoe.
  3. After mounting the device, connect it to the camera via USB cable.
  4. These remote devices are capable of forming their own Wi-Fi network to connect to the android mobile phones.
  5. Now you can download the app specific for the remote device from Google play or android marketplace. For example, you can download CamRanger app, CameraMator app etc. available for free.
  6. Go to phone setting and connect to the Wi-Fi network of the remote device. Now your android phone is in sync with your camera.
  7. Open the app and control your Canon digital SLR camera’s settings and other options.

This way you can have instant and enlarged view of the images shot. This device also helps in providing multiple shooting modes and remote capture facilities. There are a number of such apps developed in the android market; most of them are available for free of cost. Now it is difficult to find the right one.

If you are planning to buy a remote device that can work well in connecting a Canon DSLR with the android phone, then try wireless remotes like CamRanger, CameraMator, Alpha Remote etc. You can find the corresponding app in the Android market. But if you are looking for apps that directly connect the camera to the android phone through USB cable then you have a wide choice of free apps available. Choose the app that controls complete functionality of the camera and sync without delay or crash. Although these apps are inexpensive, you should consider if it is safe to connect and share your camera contents to an open source technology? Decide on the safety aspects, app efficiency and speed offered to buy your wireless remote or the remote app.

Advancement in technology makes our work simple and efficient but also has its own disadvantages. It is up to us to choose the right technology that will improve our competency.

Osei Fortune

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