Optimizing Facebook Ads

Optimizing Facebook Ads

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These days a lot of advertisers are changing their primary media of ad campaigns, most of them are switching to internet in general and Facebook in particular. Advertisers do experience a spike in their publicity campaigns but after a while some the campaigns either fall short of the expectations or end up being in the cold bag. This happens because after some time ads become stale. In terms of marketing terminology it is known as “ad exhaustion”. If this is happening to your ads too then this article is exactly meant for you. In this article we try to explain some of the ways of optimizing your Facebook ads so that you are able to extract the most out of your paid online marketing campaign.

Following are some of the tested and proven ways of optimizing your Facebook ads:

  • Re-identify your targeted audience:

If your ad campaign is not giving you the results you expected, then it is possible that your ad is not reaching to the right people i.e. your targeted audience or potential buyers. Thankfully Facebook provides us with an option to select the range of our targeted audience, this also helps in cutting down on unnecessary spending on wasted ad impressions. For example if you were to sell a Protein supplement then you must select the audience to be in the age group of 18-35 and select their gender as Men, try selecting secondary proxies like hobbies, men who have listed gym workouts as their hobby are more likely to buy your protein supplement.

  • Re-design your ad and make it clickable:

Getting your advertisement to the right people is one thing and making it clickable is another. To make an ad clickable you need to make it appealing. It is quite possible that your ad is actually reaching to the right people but it is not making them interested in your product. Redesign your ad with new and more exciting content. If you are not good at it then get it redesigned by a professional.

  • Try different ad types:

Facebook provides the advertisers with an array of different ad types to select from. If a particular ad type is not getting you those publicity spikes then you may try one of the different ad types available at your disposal. Rotating different ad types will keep the ads fresh. For example if your ad type is not getting your sales up then you may try the newly launched ad category “Offer Claims”. It is used for offering discount coupons and deals to your targeted audience. Such a change can definitely pace up your marketing campaign on Facebook.

  • Don’t lie to your customers:

These days internet users act in a whole lot smarter way. With search engines like Google and bing, product research is just a click away from them. If you lie in your adS, its most probable that you will be caught red handed and a social networking site is really not the best place for being caught in such a situation. While making the new ad make sure that your ad image and text reflect the attributes of your product just as they are in real world. Any wrong information is certainly going to get you negative publicity and its best in your favor to avoid it.

Try the above mentioned tips, we sincerely hope that they can and they will help you escalate your Facebook ad campaign.

Lalit Sharma is an online marketing expert and manages many seo campaigns for SEO Company India. Many successful businesses owe their huge sales to his expertise in this field.

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