5 Things To Know About C++

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One of the major programming languages in use today is C++. It is widely used in many different applications and if you are looking to become a programmer then this is one of the languages you must learn.

Here are five essential things you should know about C++ before you get started.

1. It’s Not C Language

Although C++ is built on the concepts and ideas of the C language it isn’t the same thing. Around 90% of the code is the same but this means that 10% isn’t and when it comes to coding that can make a big difference.

So don’t try to code the same way you do in the C language. C++ is a complex language with its own tools that you should learn to utilise.

2. Know Your Code

One of the most important things anyone learning C++ should know is that you need to know what you are doing before you start coding. Start slow and with things that you understand well.

There is no point in taking shortcuts when learning C++ and you should only keep progressing at your own pace.

As the GOTWA.com article points out the key is to “Write what you know and know what you write”. This is a good starting point to keep in mind as you become better at the language.

3. Mutable Members

This piece of coding advice is all about the mutable members in C++. The programming language lets you mark references to an object as a constant. This is a sign of good programming practice because it makes you declare a function parameter as a constant reference.

It leaves out the problem of accidental modifications because the compiler will reject them.

Sometimes this modification isn’t necessarily a modification at a higher semantic level. And in these cases the mutable keyword can help you out. You can include it to a date member in a class and allow it to indicate that the member might be modified.

4. The Possible Pitfalls

There are some pitfalls in C++ as well and you have to know them well in order to avoid producing unstable code. One of the key programming practices you must learn to keep away from these pitfalls are using smart pointers to handle freeing objects, for example.

There are a lot of good books out there to help with this as well as the larger online programming community that can provide support. Make sure that you always test your C++ games code properly before you release it into the public domain.

5. It Is Increasingly Important

The last thing you should know about C++ is that it is an increasingly important programming language. The rise of platforms such as Windows 8 has really opened up a lot of doors for people who can code in C++.

There are plenty of games and mobile phone apps that benefit from this programming language everyday.

So try to keep learning more about the code. Don’t give up and stay focused. Although it isn’t as simple to learn as some of the easier programming languages the benefits of knowing it will really help you out in the long run.

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