The Truth Behind Online Paid Surveys

The Truth Behind Online Paid Surveys

When companies need to base their decision upon hard data, they usually invest in market research and online surveys are a form of quantitative primary research. When reputable companies are the ones conducting these surveys, they pay consumers to respond to their surveys, offering them an easy way to make a bit of extra cash in their spare time. At one time, companies would seek the opinions of the consumers in the mail or by phone, but today they post their surveys on online survey sites where consumers can join and take the surveys to get paid.

The Truth Behind Online Paid Surveys

Web surveys have become a part of the overall market research efforts of many companies. Companies always have a target demographic in mind for any product or service that they sell. For instance, if a company is selling video games, young men between the ages of ten and twenty five will be its demographic. Thus, companies look for respondents fitting their target demographic when conducting market research.

The same is the case with paid online surveys. Unless you fit their target demographic, your survey responses will not really be valuable to the company. You can indeed earn up to $50 and perhaps even $100 to complete a survey, however, that is only possible if you fit a very targeted, high valued demographic. Unfortunately, you may not fit every other demographic and this is why paid web surveys should not be mistaken for get-rich-quick schemes. However, the small amounts of money you can earn taking paid surveys can serve as a beneficial supplemental income.

How Do Legit Online Paid Surveys Work?

The process of taking paid surveys online is quite straightforward. All you have to do is sign up with a legit paid survey website and complete a member profile. Then, every time the site has a survey matching your profile, they will send you an email. Typically, the approximate duration to complete the survey, the amount of compensation for your time and link to the survey is specified in these emails sent by paid survey websites. On average, you may have to spend fifteen to twenty minutes on every survey you take.

Depending on the website and the survey, the amount of cash that can be earned by taking online surveys can vary. There are three ways you can expect to be compensated when taking web surveys on these websites. If the website pays cash, you can earn anywhere between $1 and $50 for each survey you take. Some survey websites offer points that you can redeem for prizes, or sweepstake entries. Others may reward you with new products that you can try for free after taking the survey.

Although there are many reputable survey sites on the Internet, you should try to stay clear of the ones that are not reputable. You can do this by avoiding sites that ask for specific personal information, guarantee a set income, do not have a privacy policy, and/or require you to pay a membership fee. There are countless opportunities on the Internet to make some extra cash by taking online surveys, you just need to find the right ones.

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