5 Things That Can Boost Your Website Ranking In 2014

5 Things That Can Boost Your Website Ranking In 2014

The new year is just around the corner, and this means website owners around the world are preparing for upcoming SEO changes and looking for other ways of boosting their rankings within search engines. This is a must to build a brand and a name for your company. It is only with a website that ranks well within the search engine that you can build your brand and find the desired success that you want.

If you want to do just that and boost your website rankings in 2014, take a look at these 5 things you should be doing.

1. *Provide Valuable Content*

All of the content that you provide, regardless of its final destination, should be valuable, well-written and tailored to the reader, not just a search engine. Take the time to construct good work that is well-written, informative and gives readers something they did not have before while keeping SEO in mind. No matter what type of content that is being created, ensure that it is well-written, free of grammatical errors and interesting enough to provide readers with something they did not know before.

2. *Remember your Keywords*

The 2013 changes in Google’s algorithm changed the way that keywords are viewed. Nowadays it is a must that you hold an Google AdWords account in order to see the keywords that searchers are using to find your site. This is very valuable to add to your SEO plate if you’ve not already. Knowing what people are searching for is a vital part of any successful search engine boosting.

3. *PageRank Update*

A 2014 PageRank update is expected, and it is certainly due. Perhaps this update will deplete PageRank all together, considering that Panda updates in 2013 drastically changed how website owners view their webpages as well as the ranking that are held within a search engine. These days there is more focus is paid to the Authorship ranking rather than PageRank. It is a good idea to focus you attention on this SEO aspect.

4. *Don’t Forget the Links*

Links, both inbound and outbound, are necessary in achieving credibility in the virtual world, as well as to build your site quickly. You can use a number of tactics to build your links, and doing so is a worthwhile decision you must make.

5. *Join Google + and Don’t Forget other Social Media Sites*

For the past several years social media presence has increased, and these days it is bigger and better than ever, even when discussing the page ranking that you will receive. Make sure that you have a strong social media presence, and that you are taking all of the steps that are needed to see success. In 2014 it isn’t joining just one social media site that will find you justice – it is the combination of several, along with your vigilant efforts to succeed.

Use these Tips

The 5 tips above are just the start of the many SEO changes that you can expect to see in 2014. Google is constantly aiming to improve quality and eliminate those who want to practice in blackhat or other unethical tactics. Gone are the days when you will get ahead by doing all of the wrong things.

It is nearly impossible for those who have bad intentions to win in the SEO games these days. This coming year will surely highlight those efforts. It is still possible to win at the SEO game, but you must be on point and equipped with the knowledge needed for success. Use all of the information here to find that success your website needs in the upcoming year.

This article is contributed by Pritam Nagrale who is blogging at Top Companies India. He writes about the Indian companies on his blog. You can follow him on Google+.

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