Top 10 Web Design Trends In 2014

The company website is like the face of the company in the online presence. So when you create a web site of your company keep in mind to follow the latest web design trends.Web Design Trends

Here are the top 10 web design trends in 2014:


In 2013, there is a shift in the trend towards behavior driven smart design. It means that the audience prefer the design style and the content like the Content Optimization System from HubSpot. The content should be efficient, searchable, accessible and should reach the user through an interactive experience.


Many websites launched or updated this year follow the trend of minimalism. The Microsoft metro approach in Windows 8, the Xbox interface and the windows Smartphone are following this trend.

Single version for the desktop and mobile

Many people now-a-days access internet from their Smartphone. So the website should be created in such a manner that it looks good on the big screen of the desktop or laptop and also on the small screens of the Smartphone or tablet. The website should be coded in such a way that it adapts the layout and styling automatically according to the device it is viewed on.

Infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolling is the trend of 2013 for e-commerce websites. It was started by Pinterest. In the infinite scrolling design, the content keeps loading continuously as you keep scrolling down. The page can be endless.

*Transparency *

The web designer can control the entire styling of the website like color, fonts, etc. from a single file by Cascading style sheet or CSS. CSS3, the latest coding technology, can control transparency levels of text and graphic. It can also create dynamic 3D effects.

Modular tile design

Internal text links are now replaced with modular tiles as pictures are more attractive. These designs can increase engagement. Storytelling websites can be created to encourage visitors to go from one page to another.

App like Interfaces

Web designers create website interfaces which resemble apps due to the responsive design. These websites have characteristics like clear presentation of text and simplified content.


Single page web sites and infinite scrolling are gaining popularity as web sites bear a lot of resemblance with infographics’ data visualization. The online visitors have short span of attention. The combination of text and images in infographics is better than only text to keep the audience engaged. Also humans have a very good visual memory which is why infographics are shared more in social media.

Fixed headers

The headers should be fixed so that the logo and menu does not scroll up when the visitors scroll through the web page. It adds stability to the website and simplifies navigation.

Large HD multimedia background

The visual backgrounds should be high definition and large to give aesthetic value and a connection to the web site.

The following Wikipedia article gives further details about the web design trends -

Keeping track of the current trends on website designs is essential for any company. In this fast changing world, creating newer websites which brings the clients within the loop on design terms is important. A company will become successful and more famous when it implements new trends.

Jereme Thomas is an SEO specialist and software engineer at Frogmo.  Jereme has over 12 years of experience in the technology field and thrives on learning new skills and staying current on market trends.  Frogmo is a full service search engine optimization and web development company located Des Moines, Iowa.

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